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Aguadilla Bay near Downtown Aguadilla Puerto Rico

Located approximately 40 minutes from the west coast town of Rincon PR and about two hours from the capital city of San Juan, Aguadilla is another major hub in Puerto Rico, home to both the Ramey Air Force Base and the University of Puerto Rico Aguadilla campus. Aguadilla is part of the Porta del Sol, or “Doorway to the Sun,” region of Puerto Rico – which includes Rincon, Aguada, Mayaguez, Anasco, Isabela and several other municipalities – where surfing and tourism prevail. Aguadilla is situated on the northwestern tip of Puerto Rico, bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the north and west, Aguada and Moca to the south, and Isabela to the east. In addition to its stunning beaches and world-class surf breaks, other popular attractions in Aguadilla Puerto Rico include the Punta Borinquen golf course and the Aguadilla Ice Skating Area – the only ice skating complex in the entire Caribbean.

Aguadilla Beaches & Surf Culture

surfing in Aguadilla

Surfing in Aguadilla PR

Like Rincon Puerto Rico, Aguadilla is known for its pristine beaches and tight-knit surf community, and the area has proven itself to be a popular destination for all levels of surfers since Puerto Rico was first put on the surfing map in the late 60’s. In fact, according to data provided by the Department of Natural Resources, Aguadilla has the most beaches on the Caribbean island – with 19 – some of which are considered among the best for surfing, including Gas Chambers, Surfer’s Beach and Wilderness, among others. Because of this distinction, Aguadilla has hosted a number of major surfing competitions over the years, including the International Surfing Association (ISA) World Championship in 1988 and the Eastern Surfing Association (ESA) Mid-Atlantic Regional Championship in 2009.

Flights & Airports in Aguadilla

Aguadilla is home to one of the two main airports in Puerto Rico – the Rafael Hernandez International Airport (BQN) – named after the Puerto Rican composer Rafael Hernandez Marin. The Aguadilla airport sees traffic from all over the world, albeit filtered through the East coast of the United States (Newark, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale and Orlando), where direct flights on United and other airlines transport travelers from mainland to island in as little as 3 ½ hours. For those people traveling to Puerto Rico in search of swell, Aguadilla is the perfect starting point, with easy access to some of the best waves Puerto Rico has to offer in Aguadilla, Isabela and Rincon.

Aguadilla Car Rentals & Shuttles

Located both on-site and in the immediate area, there are a number of car rental agencies at the Rafael Hernandez Airport that service Aguadilla and surrounding towns like Rincon and Isabela. Because there is limited public transportation in Puerto Rico, renting a car is typically the most convenient and affordable option for guests traveling in and around Aguadilla PR, and when you use our discount code at the Aguadilla Budget or Avis locations, you can save money on your car rental reservations. There are also airport shuttles and taxis available to transport guests from the airport to any number of destinations in Aguadilla, or even to Rincon or Isabela for a reasonable price. For those who prefer luxury transportation, we can even arrange for a private helicopter, limousine or jet transfer.

Things to Do in Aguadilla PR

While the draw to Aguadilla for many people has to do with surfing and the search for the perfect wave, there are plenty of other things to do in Aguadilla Puerto Rico that don’t involve getting on a surfboard. Aguadilla is home to some of the best restaurants, bars and other attractions in Puerto Rico, many of which are located oceanfront and offer stunning views of the Caribbean and the west coast’s infamous sunsets. There are also a number of activities in and near Rincon PR that make for long-lasting memories with friends and family, including ziplining tours, horseback riding, deep sea fishing, bioluminescent bay tours, yoga retreats and more!