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Corcega Beach is situated further south than some of the other Rincon beaches, and it enjoys much calmer waters throughout the year. This quality makes Corcega Beach the perfect place for relaxed and stress-free family beach time. Corcega Beach is located in a much quieter area of Rincon and boasts pristine beaches that are great for sunbathing, Rincon PR paddleboarding and just splashing around in the crystal blue Caribbean. One of the best things about Corcega Beach is that the buildings lining the beach are mostly just quaint beach homes and small inns, which really makes you feel like you are on a secluded part of the island. This means, of course, that there are limited public facilities, no lifeguards, and few restaurants or bars in the area, so pack a lunch, lather on the sunscreen and check out Corcega Beach in Rincon PR!

Annie’s tip: “Corcega is one of my favorite beaches for swimming and one of my favorite places to take kids. If I just want a mellow day to lay in the sun and take a dip in the water I head down to Corcega.  One of my favorite spots is just off the Carr. 429 near the Seashell Villas. It’s always quiet and rarely crowded. If I want a more lively day, we’ll go in at Villa Cofresi to swim and have a pirata afterwards.”

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Besides its beautiful scenery and family-friendly vibe, Corcega Beach is also a great spot to enjoy Rincon’s infamous sunsets. Rincon PR is known as “the town of beautiful sunsets,” after all! Corcega Beach is also a prime spot to try your hand at stand up paddleboarding, since the water is calm and the ocean floor is primarily sand (much more forgiving than rock and reef!) Other Corcega Beach Rincon PR activities include sailing, kayaking and just plain old walking. Nearby Corcega Beach is Rincon’s Villa Cofresi, a true Caribbean hangout famous for its coconut and rum drinks called Piratas, which you absolutely have to try. Corcega Beach is known for its less active atmosphere and lack of noise, which is exactly what draws many people to the beaches on Rincon’s South coast. Street parking is limited in the Corcega Beach area, so get there early, grab your beach chair and head to Corcega Beach in Rincon PR to sit at the water’s edge with a drink in your hand!

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