Dogman’s Beach Rincon PR

Beach: Sandy with reef at shoreline | Break: Beginner to Advanced, Swell NW, Wind E, NE
Advanced surfers from all over the world travel to Rincon Puerto Rico to surf Dogman’s break, an area that is sometimes called the “Toilet Bowl” for its swirling suction that can cause trouble for even the most experienced surfers. Dogman’s is one of the few west coast waves that breaks both ways. It’s a reef break with excellent shape to it. Popular among both local and visiting surfers, Dogman’s Beach Rincon PR attracts a large number of surfers set on challenging themselves with the powerful and sizable waves. Curious about it’s name? Dogman’s is named for an old man with long white hair and a beard who used to lived in front of the break. Apparently, the man used to walk up and down the beach with his dogs, collecting coconuts in a burlap bag, and the name “Dogman” stuck!

Annie’s Tip: “Dogman’s is one of my favorite beaches for – you guessed it: walking the dogs!  You can enter via Maria’s or Steps, but either way, it’s a nice long stretch of beach that has very few people, so the dogs can run and play without disturbing anyone. The surf can be challenging here, so ask a local and get to know the break before you head out.”

Surfing Dogman’s in Rincon Puerto Rico

Dogman’s Beach in Rincon PR is a hot spot for locals, and the beach’s notorious big waves make Dogman’s suitable for intermediate to advanced surfers. Elkhorn reef formations, rock and underwater ‘pistons’ surround Dogman’s so be careful and know your break before heading out. For out-of-towners who want to try their hand at surfing Dogman’s Beach, it would be a good idea get some information about the surf spot from someone who knows the break and the conditions well before hitting the beach! Rincon Puerto Rico is known fondly as the Atlantic Ocean’s answer to Oahu’s North Shore, and Dogman’s Beach is one of the best places in Rincon PR to experience great surf and the warm Caribbean sun and sand.

Dogman’s Rincon Attractions

Dogman’s Beach is located right between Tres Palmas and Maria’s Beach, which means it brings in a pretty good crowd and can get pretty exciting. One of the best things about Dogman’s Beach in Rincon PR is that lots of people gather on the beach just to enjoy the sun, spend time with friends and watch the surfers do their thing. Dogman’s is also a great place to collect sea glass or join a spontaneous game at the volleyball net nearby. Most people park in the Maria’s lot and walk down to Dogman’s, which means Calypso Tropical Cafe is right nearby when you’re leaving the beach! Or, if you need to quench your thirst or grab a bite to eat while you’re on the beach, both Calypso and the Bohio are just a short walk away. Whether you’re planning to surf or just relax on the beach, Dogman’s is one of the best beaches to visit in Rincon Puerto Rico.

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