Domes Beach Rincon Puerto Rico

Beach: Sandy cove rock at shore | Break: All levels, Swell NE, Wind SE.
One of the most famous surfing beaches in Puerto Rico, Domes Beach in Rincon Puerto Rico is named after the dome-shaped decommissioned nuclear power plant located right alongside the beach. Domes Beach is tucked away at the end of an isolated stretch of road, just past the El Faro de Punta Higuero lighthouse in Rincon PR. Although the beach is rather small, the crowd that typically gathers at Domes Beach to test out the waves is as big as any other beach in Rincon. The nuclear power plant was never officially active, so don’t worry about nuclear radiation, but definitely bring sun sunscreen for a day on Domes Beach! Domes may be considered the most consistent wave in the Rincon area. It’s a combination of beach breaks and coral reef breaks that provide a mellow ride.

Annie’s Tip: “Domes is one of the best places for watching surf. You’ll see great local surfers on the waves here. It’s not the best for swimming as right off the beach there is a lot of rock and reef, so if you want a day to swim or take the kid’s, head South to Corcega. But if you want to surf or watch surf, head to Domes.  There’s a path that extends North of Domes over to Spanish Wall and Pools that is a beautiful walk and has some secret spots off of it for beaching as well. shhhhhh!”

Domes Beach in Rincon Puerto Rico

If you’re looking for Domes Beach, go past the lighthouse on your left and you’ll find the beach all the way at the end of the road. Domes Beach is located in the “wilder” stretch of beach known as the Sunset Coast of Rincon Puerto Rico, where the waves can range from two to 25 feet during the winter season. It’s no wonder that surfers flock from all over the world to Domes Beach and other beaches on the Sunset Coast, since it is where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea. You can also visit Spanish Wall Beach, known as Rincon PR’s “secret beach,” which is only accessible by hiking along a trail from Domes Beach.

Domes Beach Surfing and Rincon PR Attractions

With a history of bringing in consistent, quality waves, Domes Beach is a popular choice for surfers of all skill levels in Rincon Puerto Rico. During the surfing season, Domes Beach can get pretty crowded with local and visiting surfers, which may be intimidating for those who are less skilled or less familiar with the break. Domes is also the site of the annual Corona Pro Surf Contest which brings the island’s best surfers to Rincon to compete every February.

Beginners should also be aware of the sometimes dangerous undercurrents at Domes Beach, which can catch surfers off guard when there is swell. The majority of Domes Beach consists of semi-shallow reef and rock, which can make it a little precarious during low tide, but there are also little cutouts of sand that are perfect for taking a quick dip! Even though Domes is a short little beach, it has a big parking lot and lots of space for sunbathers and surfers. There are also trails across the street from Domes Beach that can be used for hiking, running or mountain biking, which are other great activities to take advantage of at Domes Beach in Rincon PR. Plus, at Domes Beach you can check out the beautiful Rincon Lighthouse from below!

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