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Rincon Puerto Rico Surf Guides

If you’re an experienced surfer that wants the challenge of new and exciting waves, but may be unfamiliar with the local spots, the Guided Surf Adventure is for you. An experienced local instructor will take you or your group on a full or half-day tour of the best local breaks, taking the time to explain the ideal spot to catch your kind of waves. You’ll get the chance to explore the entire West and North Coasts of Puerto Rico, from Mayaguez to Isabela.

Tour Option 1: Guided Surf Tour – Western Puerto Rico

On this tour an experienced local guide will take you to a great selection of surf breaks on the West Coast. You’ll learn what to watch for at each break, from reef and rock to currents and swell patterns. Plus, you’ll get a tour of the off-the-beaten-path surf spots that many visitors never get a chance to visit. Your instructor will give helpful pointers depending on your level of ability – from improving on the basics, to style tips on the more advanced maneuvers.

If you have younger, advanced surfers that are yearning for a challenge, but mom and dad don’t want them in the water alone this is a great, safe option for a more adventurous surf experience.

Tour includes transportation to and from surf spots and an hour of video, so you can commemorate your Puerto Rico surf adventure! If you want a surf photographer to accompany your group out for the day, we can arrange one for an additional charge.

    • Tour Time: 9 am
    • Tour Duration: 1/2 day (5 hours) or Full Day (8 hours)
  • Cost: $110 – 1/2 day, $190 – Full day. Maximum of 3 people
  • Includes 4×4 Transportation to and from surf spots. Photographer available at additional charge
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Important Notes: Transportation is included in tour cost.  Surf board rental included. Surf locations will be determined by wave conditions. If tour is cancelled due to inclement weather, a full refund will be given. 100% non-refundable if cancelled within 7 days. Taxes and fees not included. Rates subject to change at any time.


  1. avatar
    Posted by Casey| February 17, 2012 |

    Hi, I am coming down on the 26th of February and will be there until March 2nd. I’m in the Navy and am just about to deploy overseas, so I won’t have my board with me. Is it possible to rent a high performance board in conjunction with this surf tour? Also, is it possible to choose which day I want the tour based on swell conditions? I’m an experienced surfer, but want to surf the best waves!

    • avatar
      Posted by RinconVacations| March 2, 2012 |

      Hey Casey,
      Of course, we can get you out on the day with the best waves, and regardless of the conditions the guide will take you to the best spots for the day. He does have some more high performance boards for rent for more experienced surfers. We’ll get you all set up. Thanks!

  2. avatar
    Posted by Laura Rivera| February 18, 2012 |

    Hi-Ispoke with you last week. I have arrived, staying at rincon beach resort. Any luck tracking down my friend Billy? I had him do surf lessons w/ both my kids last Easter break-we oved him but have not been able to track him down. If you can get a message to him, my numer is 917-833-9394, Laura RIvera
    He may remeber Kaelin is 16 and Sean is 15. Thank you! Will try this number -we need surf lessons & boards tomorrow thru fri. thanks!

  3. avatar
    Posted by Austin| March 4, 2014 |

    Friends and I are wanting to do a trip this summer. I’ve heard alot about there not being any waves in the summer and I’m wondering if its true or if we will have any shot of finding some decent maybe chest high breaks that are preferabley sandbreaks. Thanks for your time!!