The natural landscape in Puerto Rico is most stunning in its variety and beauty. The natural landscape in Puerto Rico offers everything from desert and beach to rainforest and canyons. Enjoy an informative and safe guided hiking tour near Rincon to any one of these popular destinations on the West Coast of PR. Tours include: the mysterious Cueva del Viento in Guajataca, the historical lighthouse at Cabo Rojo, the salt flats and nature preserve at Cabo Rojo and the Guanica dry forest. Each provides a unique look at the terrain near Rincon Puerto Rico and an adventure you could never experience anywhere else!

Guided Hike: Guanica Dry Forest

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The Southwestern municipality of Guanica dry forest is home to one of Puerto Rico’s major Biosphere Reserves, designated as such by the United Nations. The 9,000 acre plus reserve, more commonly known as Bosque Seco, lies amidst Puerto Rico’s driest terrain, encompassing everything from nearby hills to the plains, all the way down to the coast at stunning Guanica bay.

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Guided Hike : Cabo Rojo Salt Flats

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Located in the coastal plain of southwestern Puerto Rico, this area is classified as a subtropical dry forest and known for its fabulous bird-watching opportunities. Explore the unique Cabo Rojo salt flats and spot indigenous birds as they alight on the still waters and pygmy trees of this peaceful area.

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Guided Hike : Cabo Rojo Cliffs

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One of the most picturesque lighthouses in the Caribbean, the Faro Los Morillos de Cabo Rojo is located at the Southernmost tip of Puerto Rico and overlooks stunning cliffs and aquamarine water. Hiking Cabo Rojo provides a more in-depth experience of the beauty of the Caribbean.

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Guided Hike : Cueva del Viento

Explore a unique Tropical Moist Forest as you hike Puerto Rico through one of the best preserved forests on the island, located in the Karst region of western Puerto Rico. About a hour’s drive from Rincón, this forest offers a lookout tower that allows for a spectacular view of the surrounding mountains and valleys, 46 km of challenging hiking trails and exuberant vegetation home to unique species of flora and fauna only visible as you hike Puerto Rico.

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Puerto Rico Waterfall Tour

Head deep into the coffee region of Puerto Rico for a unique and stunning waterfall tour. The Salto Curet waterfall tour in Maricao is a hidden gem that few visitors to Puerto Rico get to experience.

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    Posted by Shawna| December 19, 2012 |

    We are heading to SanJuan from late Dec to early Jan. It sounds like you have a lot of great activities, and we are especially interested in a rainforest/waterfall tour, some ziplining, and some caving. What do you offer within an hour of San Juan. The youngest in our group is 13, in case that matters for any of the activities.
    Thanks so much!