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Horseback Riding Lessons in Western Puerto Rico

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As you’re heading down the 115 in Rincon Puerto Rico towards Añasco, just after the junction with the 402, you’ll see a nondescript little dirt road that takes you back into a small Puertorriqueño neighborhood. What you’ll find at the end of that road is the new location of the Rincon Riding Club, a top-notch horseback riding club in Western PR offering affordable riding and horsemanship classes for children, teens and adults, as well as a kids day camp, and specialty classes in various styles of horseback riding. The new location of the Rincon Riding Club is a fully-equipped stable with large stalls, multiple fenced-in riding rings, knowledgeable instructors, and calm, gentle and patient horses suited for riders of all skill levels – the perfect spot for kids to not only learn to ride, but also learn the way to properly care for a horse, including feeding, tacking, bedding and grooming their equine partners. This “from the ground up” style of instruction develops a strong bond between the child and his horse, and helps kids learn and appreciate everything that goes into riding and caring for a horse.   One of the most exciting offerings from the Rincon Riding Club […]

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Surprise Your Valentine With These 5 Great Activities in Rincon PR

It may seem like you just finished opening your Christmas gifts and saying “Cheers” to the new year, but, believe it or not, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! Lucky for you, there are plenty of tours, trips and activities in Puerto Rico to choose from for this Valentine’s Day, which means you can take your pick when planning the perfect way to spend the day with that special someone. So this year, rather than sticking to the typical flowers and chocolate deal, which is a nice thought but so predictable, check out these five romantic activities in Rincon Puerto Rico, and get a head start on finding the dreamiest way to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year! Bioluminescent Bay Tour – There aren’t many places in the world where you can get in the water and swim amongst tiny microorganisms that light up the water with each and every movement, making it seem like you’re swimming with the stars. The bioluminescent bay in Western PR is one of the most unique and memorable tours you can take in Puerto Rico, and it will make for a great Valentine’s Day surprise! Guided Waterfall Hike – When most people think of […]

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Plan the Perfect Destination Wedding in Western PR

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Wondering why country star Shania Twain picked Rincon Puerto Rico as the destination for her 2011 wedding, where she famously tied the knot with now-husband Frederic Thiebaud? It’s probably because Rincon PR is nothing short of a Caribbean oasis – a place where you’re pretty much guaranteed to have warm, sunny weather almost any day of the year, where you can look down through the crystal blue water and see straight to the bottom, where you can score consistent surf all winter long, and where you can plan a destination wedding knowing that there is little that can threaten the perfection of your big day. Destination Weddings in Western PR Located on the northwestern “corner” of Puerto Rico, Rincon is a tiny surf town that was barely even on the map until the 1960s, when the World Surfing Championship was held at Domes and Maria’s Beaches in Rincon. Today, Western Puerto Rico, and Rincon in particular, are popular vacation destinations for those looking to escape the bone-chilling temperatures that typically come during winter, a time when Rincon is truly at its finest. From mid-October to mid-April, Rincon Puerto Rico enjoys mild weather, world-class waves, and very little rain, a fact […]

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Book Your Surf Trip in Western PR Today

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With its luxury hotels, stunning beaches, and year-round warm weather, Puerto Rico has historically been a popular vacation destination for North Americans evading the winter weather blues, and the Caribbean island’s world-class swell is also a big draw for surfers in search of that perfect wave. At this time of year, Puerto Rico’s world-famous breaks are at their very best, with consistent swell throughout the winter months and with some waves cresting at a height of 25 feet, like Tres Palmas, a break located in the Puntas area of Rincon Puerto Rico famous for its double-overhead-plus bombs. If you’re dreading the cold winter months to come and looking for that next vacation destination, book a surf trip in Western Puerto Rico today! Rincon Puerto Rico Surfing One of the great things about surfing in Western Puerto Rico that not many other global surf destinations have, is that there are a variety of breaks, swell patterns and wave types spread out along the coast for surfers of all skill sets. Parking Lots, for example, is a sandy reef break in Rincon PR with mellow but fun waves that are perfect for beginners, while Dogman’s Beach is a solid reef break that […]

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Kelly Slater’s Artificial Wave Pool Resembles World-Class Swell in Rincon PR

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You could almost hear the jaws of surfers everywhere collectively dropping when surfing legend Kelly Slater debuted his man-made wave pool last week, a project ten years in the making that Surfing Magazine says resembles the popular head-high swells you can find off the coast of Rincon Puerto Rico. Unlike the other artificial waves out there, Kelly Slater’s wave pool actually forms a barrel, just like a natural wave, and the impact this new technology will likely have on the expansion of recreational surfing, among other things, has been called “mind-bending.” Imagine perfect barreling waves at your beck and call, and you’ll certainly agree with Kelly’s description of his wave pool as a “freak of technology.” There’s no doubt that the technology behind Kelly Slater’s artificial wave pool could change the surfing world forever, making surfing more accessible to all parts of the world and bringing consistent, world-class waves to the surfer, rather than the other way around. “This is something I dreamt about as a kid,” Kelly wrote on his Instagram account after revealing the wave pool, which was developed in secret for close to a decade by the surfer and his crew. “Through rigorous science and technology, we’ve […]

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Book a Romantic Winter Getaway to Western Puerto Rico

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It’s been a relatively mild winter in the States so far, but the temperatures on the East Coast are steadily dropping, which means now is the perfect time to book that romantic Caribbean getaway you’ve been dreaming about. And where better to go this winter than Western Puerto Rico, where it’s almost always sunny and warm, you don’t need a passport, you can use the American dollar, and round-trip flights from the East Coast are a drop in the bucket? The following are a few hotels, villas and vacation rentals in Rincon Puerto Rico that are sure to add a romantic element to your winter getaway. Villa Dezecheo Villa Dezecheo is a stunning oceanfront villa in Rincon Puerto Rico overlooking Maria’s Beach and Dogman’s Beach, two of the best surf spots in town. The luxury villa features a private saltwater pool, a hot tub, two fully-equipped gourmet kitchens, plenty of space for outdoor dining and entertaining, an outdoor shower and on-site concierge services. Book your stay at Villa Dezecheo and enjoy a romantic getaway for two, or invite the whole crew for a fun and sunny winter vacation. Villa Playa Maria’s Nestled on a half-acre of beachfront property in Rincon […]

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