Casa Grande Mountain Retreat

Casa Grande Mountain Retreat, Utuado 00641
from/per night 100
  • Inn/Guesthouse

Property Description

Formerly a sprawling coffee plantation, Casa Grande Mountain Retreat has transformed 107 acres of tropical landscape into a beautifully-maintained mountain oasis featuring twenty rooms, all of which are equipped with secluded balconies, hammocks and private bathrooms. The property is situated in a tropical valley, and guest rooms are scattered up the mountainside, offering guests stunning views of the local flora and abundant greenery, both of which are plentiful in mountainous regions of Puerto Rico. In addition to private cabins and the stunning mountain vista, the Casa Grande property also features a fully-equipped yoga studio, a café serving delicious local and international dishes, and a fresh-water swimming pool surrounded by a dense and impossibly green jungle.


The lush landscape isn’t the only “green” aspect of Casa Grande though. The Puerto Rico hotel has incorporated many aspects of eco-friendly living into the everyday operation of the hotel, and has been named the “Green Inn of the Year” by the Puerto Rico Hotel and Tourism Association for four years running. Just a few examples of the green initiatives embraced by the Casa Grande property include the use of energy-efficient lighting, cold water and biodegradable soaps, timed outdoor lighting, and recycling receptacles in all guest rooms. In an effort to keep noise pollution to a minimum, Casa Grande also prohibits the use of televisions and radios on the property, which only adds to the tranquil allure of the Puerto Rico hotel.


Although Casa Grande Mountain Retreat services overnight guests from all over the world, many day visitors also find their way to the property to enjoy lunch or dinner at the café, or view the landscape and botanical garden, which features more than 100 varieties of tropical flowers, plants and trees. Casa Grande guests can also enjoy yoga, art or dance classes on-site, massages, and can also participate in three-hour guided tours of the property’s mountainous hiking trails. The simplicity and natural beauty of the Puerto Rico hotel and property is truly unparalleled.$125/NIGHT


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