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With its luxury hotels, stunning beaches, and year-round warm weather, Puerto Rico has historically been a popular vacation destination for North Americans evading the winter weather blues, and the Caribbean island’s world-class swell is also a big draw for surfers in search of that perfect wave. At this time of year, Puerto Rico’s world-famous breaks are at their very best, with consistent swell throughout the winter months and with some waves cresting at a height of 25 feet, like Tres Palmas, a break located in the Puntas area of Rincon Puerto Rico famous for its double-overhead-plus bombs. If you’re dreading the cold winter months to come and looking for that next vacation destination, book a surf trip in Western Puerto Rico today!

Rincon Puerto Rico Surfing

surfing photos rincon puerto rico

One of the great things about surfing in Western Puerto Rico that not many other global surf destinations have, is that there are a variety of breaks, swell patterns and wave types spread out along the coast for surfers of all skill sets. Parking Lots, for example, is a sandy reef break in Rincon PR with mellow but fun waves that are perfect for beginners, while Dogman’s Beach is a solid reef break that breaks both ways and generates powerful and sizeable waves that keep advanced surfers coming back for more. If you’re looking for a real challenge though, Tres Palmas in Rincon doesn’t even start breaking until it hits double-overhead, and when it does break, you’ll find locals sitting on the tops of their cars, settled in for the show.

Puerto Rico Adventure Tours


There’s no doubt that surfing Puerto Rico’s miles of coastline is what attracts most people to the Caribbean island, but Western PR isn’t just for those who feel out of balance until a board is under their feet. Further inland off the West coast of Puerto Rico, you’ll find the island’s unspoiled landscape at its finest, with natural waterfalls, lush tropical flora, and densely forested mountains just waiting for the adventure-seeking type. From exhilarating zipline and eco-adventure trips to guided hikes and tours of Western PR’s abundant waterfalls and natural caves, there are plenty of non-surf-related activities in Puerto Rico as well.

Western PR Snorkel Tours

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In addition to surfing and adventure tours, Western Puerto Rico is also known for its exceptional snorkeling, and the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve at Steps Beach in Rincon is a prime spot for scoping out the turtles, eels, squid, coral formations, sea anemones, sea fans and hundreds of varieties of tropical fish that call the reefs off the coast of Rincon Puerto Rico home. Take a break from surfing in Puerto Rico with a relaxing kayak or stand-up paddleboard and snorkel tour, or up the ante with a four-hour guided jet ski and snorkel tour around the Southwest coast of Puerto Rico.

Lodging in Western Puerto Rico

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Just down the street from Tres Palmas is the Puntas area of Rincon, which is in many ways the hub of the Rincon PR surf scene, especially for visitors, and you’ll find scores of hotels, vacation rentals and guesthouses there, some geared towards the solo surfer and others catering to the luxury crowd. Whether you prefer to stay in an affordable guesthouse in Western PR, a luxurious villa located steps from the beach, or a hotel room with just the basics, there are plenty of Puerto Rico vacation rentals to choose from in Rincon. Visit now or call 787-632-2889 to book your Rincon PR lodging and activities today.

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