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Rincon’s Copa Llena Gets a Shout-Out in the Washington Post

In a recent Washington Post article highlighting some of the best spots to find fresh and healthy fare island-wide, Rincon’s very own La Copa Llena Restaurant is named as the sole representative of Puerto Rico’s west coast. The article, titled “Puerto Rican Food, Beyond Rice and Beans,” takes a look at a variety of innovative dining establishments in Puerto Rico – from warehouse-bound eateries to beautiful beachfront restaurants – that go above and beyond traditional Puerto Rican staples like rice, beans, plantains and a variety of fried meats. The restaurant scene in Puerto Rico is gradually evolving as more and more people recognize the value of fresh, local fare incorporated into elegant, innovative dishes. It’s Caribbean cuisine with a sophisticated twist, and Copa Llena does it best.

Copa Llena in Rincon Puerto Rico

The Washington Post article is a celebration of Puerto Rico restaurants that have taken a more refined approach to Caribbean fare, incorporating local flavors like sofrito and traditional fruits and vegetables like breadfruit and yuca, or cassava, into meals served fresh daily. Puerto Rico is home to more than 7,000 restaurants, and the majority of those recognized by the Washington Post have been serving guests in popular tourist zones like Condado, Old San Juan and Isla Verde for years. Considering the fact that La Copa Llena has only called Rincon home since November 2012, to rightfully own a spot among among such well-established Puerto Rican restaurants and cafés is a tribute to the quality of the restaurant and the vision of its staff. Although La Copa Llena is relatively new to Rincon, its accomplished staff hails from another Rincon hot spot, the former Tapas Bar at Casa Isleña.

Fresh, Local Cuisine at Copa Llena

With a name that means “the full cup” in Spanish, the folks at La Copa Llena strive to provide their guests with the entire package: mouth-watering meals, refreshing cocktails (think orange-ginger sangria), a killer atmosphere and a beachfront location to boot. La Copa Llena has reinvigorated the historic Black Eagle Restaurant building, which is one of Rincon’s oldest establishments and is located adjacent to the local marina. Boasting an ever-changing menu complete with tapas, fresh local seafood and dishes inspired by Puerto Rican, Spanish, Asian and Colombian cuisine, the fare at La Copa Llena is always enticing. And serving such refreshingly innovative meals as swordfish kebobs topped with coconut curry sauce, green papaya salad and skirt steak marinated in ginger, soy and garlic, the restaurant in Rincon Puerto Rico has quickly become a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

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