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Puerto Rico SUP Board Rentals

Summer is upon us and even that means warmer weather, calmer waves and great conditions for SUP standup paddleboarding. Any time of year you can enjoy time out on a SUP board, thanks to the fact that Rincon has calm South beaches; but during the summer, the conditions are prime. You can often paddle all the way from Villa Cofresi in Corcega up around Tres Palmas and all the way to the lighthouse or Puntas beaches. The water will be so clear you’ll be able to see the bottom, not to mention sea turtles, fishes and if you’re lucky maybe a manatee or dolphin.

These days many SUP boards are getting mounts for bungee cords on their large front noses, which makes it perfect to bring out snorkel gear or a fishing pole for a day enjoying the sun on the water. SUP paddleboarding is a great workout (not to mention a peak way to get a tan!) and is a fun way to enjoy the water with out the stress of traditional surfing. Any level of surfer or swimmer can try stand-up paddleboarding in Rincon and do it successfully.

Finding a stand-up paddleboard rental in Rincon PR is easy with Rincon Vacations. Our rentals start at $45.00 a day including a paddle, with discounts for multiple days or weeks rentals. Considering the average retail cost of a SUP board is around $1200 this is a deal. Contact RV if you’re looking to rent a SUP board in Puerto Rico or would like more information on stand-up board tours or lessons.

If you rent a SUP board in Rincon we can also make arrangements for delivery and pick-up if your rental is too small or if you don’t have a roof rack.


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    Posted by Broden askew| December 18, 2013 |Reply

    I’m looking to rent a paddle
    Board for multiple days while I’m in Rincon. What is the best rate you can provide. Thanks

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    Posted by Dolores Ordas| February 3, 2014 |Reply

    I am planning to be in Puerto Rico February 8-16…..let me know your location exactly. I am going to be visiting aguada

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    Posted by Tiffani| April 27, 2014 |Reply

    Looking to rent 2 SUP on Saturday May 3rd what is your location ?

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