Places to Stay in Rincon PR

One of the best things about Rincon Puerto Rico is the wide range of places to stay available to vacationers. Whether you’re a surfer on a budget traveling solo or a family of six looking for comfort and amenities, there are a number of lodging options in Rincon to suit your individual needs. Some of the most popular places to stay in Rincon PR are the hotel-style accommodations with an on-site bar or restaurant and pool. Other Rincon visitors may prefer the budget-friendly bed and breakfasts or guesthouses Rincon has to offer, which have a more “local” feel and offer guests some more privacy with limited on-site services. A third lodging option in Rincon Puerto Rico encompasses a variety of “self-catering” accommodations, including apartments or condos, basic beach cottages, and luxury beachfront villas. There is no shortage of lodging options to choose from when planning a trip to Rincon PR. Just decide what amenities, price and size you prefer, and you’re on your way!

Hotel-Style Accommodations in Rincon

Two of the most popular hotels in Rincon PR are the Lazy Parrot and the Rincon Beach Resort, both of which offer guests a variety of accommodation options to choose from. The Lazy Parrot mini-resort is ideal for any Rincon visitor, equipped with resort-style rooms, an on-site bar and restaurant, private pool, and even a gift shop! The Lazy Parrot is located in the well-known Puntas neighborhood of Rincon, close to the beach, restaurants and Caribbean night life. The four star Boutique Resort offers guests a more luxurious lodging option, located oceanfront with a range of spacious rooms, suites and villas, a full-service restaurant on-site, and poolside bar and dining available. This resort boasts a number of unique amenities, including a swim-up bar, an Infinity pool, a miniature golf putting green, and a Boutique wine bar.

Rincon PR Bed and Breakfasts or Guesthouses

If what you’re after is a more personal or “local” lodging experience, Rincon PR is home to a number of guesthouses and bed and breakfasts, which are perfect for a relaxing, family-style vacation. One of the most popular of this type of accommodation in Rincon is the Pineapple Inn, a Caribbean guesthouse offering guests a wide range of room types, an on-site pool, close proximity to the beach, and plenty of other great amenities. The moderately-priced guesthouses and bed and breakfasts in Rincon Puerto Rico are ideal for traveling with family or friends, and you can’t beat the welcoming atmosphere of a family-run Rincon PR guesthouse like the Pineapple Inn!

Apartments and Villas in Rincon

The best thing about choosing to stay in an apartment or villa when visiting Rincon PR is the unbeatable benefits of enjoying a comfortable living space, a fully-equipped kitchen, and the ability to make yourself feel right at home while on vacation. Rincon boasts a number of different types of vacation rental properties, including condominiums, apartments, homes, and villas, which vary greatly in price, size and available amenities. One of the most affordable and welcoming vacation rentals in Rincon Puerto Rico is the Vista Del Mar Apartments, located in the Puntas neighborhood of Rincon. Guests of Vista Del Mar can enjoy the private balcony with a hammock, beautiful ocean views from the attached terrace, and the added bonus of using Vista Del Mar towels, beach chairs and snorkeling gear free of charge. Regardless of whether you prefer a guesthouse, apartment, or hotel-style lodging in Rincon PR, you are sure to enjoy your stay and have a fantastic Caribbean vacation!

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