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Rincon PR Gastronomic Tours

Rincon Puerto Rico’s unique style of cuisine is one of the most distinctive aspects of the Caribbean surf town, inspired by traditional Spanish and Caribbean flavors, as well as tasty international fare. Trying a variety of authentic Puerto Rican dishes while in Rincon is one of the easiest and most enjoyable ways to fully experience the local culture and social atmosphere of Rincon PR. But, by booking a Puerto Rican cooking class through Rincon Vacations, enjoying authentic Puerto Rican fare doesn’t have to be restricted to your stay on the island. Impress your friends and family by whipping up homemade mofongo, churrasco or flan, inspired by your tropical getaway to Rincon PR. Guests can choose from two Puerto Rican cooking class tour options while in Rincon Puerto Rico, and can try their hand later at creating traditional Puerto Rican dishes right in their own kitchens!

Classic Puerto Rican Cooking Class in Rincon

Some of the most delicious dishes in Rincon PR are the most uncomplicated, created simply by recognizing the great taste and appeal of colorful local fruits, fresh fish and traditional Puerto Rican staples like rice and beans. The first Puerto Rican cooking class option available in Rincon PR is hosted by one of our talented local chefs. The class focuses on the basics of Puerto Rican cuisine, including cooking with plantains and viandas, using “asado” cooking techniques, and preparing fish and traditional sauces called sofritos. This cooking class tour employs both demonstration and hands-on methods in order to help students truly experience Puerto Rican cooking styles and techniques. The Puerto Rico personal chef can host your group for private cooking classes right in your own villa for convenience purposes, and will base the class and meal on your group’s preferences.

Old San Juan “Mofongo & Mojitos” Gastronomic Tour

For a more in-depth look at traditional Puerto Rican cuisine, guests have the option of booking a unique guided tour of Old San Juan, followed by a cooking class and multi-course meal. This Puerto Rican cooking class in San Juan option begins with a historic walking tour of Old San Juan where guests can learn about the history of the city and the Caribbean island, as well as explore some of the great local shops. Afterward, guests will head to their cooking class, which takes place in a beautiful hotel restaurant, and learn how to prepare an authentic mofongo for the main course, using the traditional Puerto Rican “pilon” technique. Each student will then be served a tasty Puerto Rican soup or appetizer, a fresh green salad, and cool mint mojitos. After finishing the homemade mofongo, students can treat themselves to flan or tres leches cake for dessert, followed by a traditional Puerto Rican cafe con leche.

Taking Home a Taste of Puerto Rico

Pictures and memories can last a lifetime, but there’s nothing better than bringing home a real taste of Rincon PR when your Caribbean vacation is said and done. Puerto Rican cooking class tours offer guests a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience local cuisine with a brand new perspective, from the other side of the kitchen door! Rincon Puerto Rico cuisine has a fresh and fiery taste unique to the Caribbean island. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cook, adding some traditional Puerto Rican dishes to your repertoire can really help spice things up in the kitchen! Book a Puerto Rican cooking class through Rincon Vacations and learn to make authentic Puerto Rican fritters and other great treats so you can share them with friends and family at home.


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    Posted by Ed Woods| December 11, 2011 |Reply

    my mother and friends will be returning for their yearly visit to Rincon and I would like to set up a cooking class for 6 women in January. What type of options do I have.

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      Posted by adminrv| December 12, 2011 |Reply

      Hi Ed,
      Thanks for inquiring about a cooking class for your mom. I sent you an email with this information as well.
      We can certainly get her and her friends all set up. The class runs $200 for up to 4 people. To add 2 more, it would be $40 each, so a total of $280 flat fee for 6 people. This would include all food and materials. The class is a mixture of cooking demonstration and participation and of course they get to taste what they cook. Normally the chef designs the class around an introduction to Puerto Rican food – how to prepare plantains in a variety of ways (tostones, mofongo, aranitas, amarillos), Caribbean sauces like sofrito or criollo and then a special main dish of their choice – snapper, lechon, churrasco — whatever they would specifically like to learn.

      Let me know if this answers your questions or if you would like to chat more, feel free to call me at 787-464-2052.


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