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Things to Do in Rincon PR During the Summer

One of the most common misconceptions about Rincon Puerto Rico is that the sleepy surf haven is a complete ghost town in the summertime. Definitely not true! Although fewer tourists travel to Rincon during the summer months and some businesses do advertise shorter hours from May to October, there are plenty of great events and activities in Rincon PR to keep anyone busy during the summer. In fact, many people prefer the relaxing summer season to the busy winter season in Rincon, because the beaches are less crowded (some days you may be the only one out there catching rays!), the surf lineup is less congested on the days that there are waves, and the quick downpours every afternoon all feel very…tropical. Rincon PR is, hands down, one of the best destinations in the Caribbean, and could be the perfect spot for your next vacation!

Surfing In and Near Rincon

Because Rincon PR is known as a world-class surf destination, it’s only fair to say that the surf does back off during the summer months. However, there are some days where a bump in the swell will bring some much-needed surf to Rincon, and if you’re lucky, you and your buddies may be the only ones out there competing for waves! Keep in mind that a lack of swell in Rincon is also the perfect excuse to take a trip to San Juan or another part of the island where the surf may be better. In addition to Rincon, there are a number of other locations in Puerto Rico that are known for their good waves, including Aguadilla – which is home to surfer favorites like Surfer’s Beach and Wilderness – and Isabella – where you can find surf spots like Middles Beach and Jobos Beach.

Summertime Activities in Rincon

Even on the days when the water is flat, there are plenty of activities in and near Rincon that you can do during the summer months, including snorkeling, stand-up paddleboarding, guided hikes and waterfall tours, sailing tours, deep sea fishing, horseback riding and ATV tours. In fact, virtually any Rincon PR activity that can be booked during the winter can also be booked during the summer, with the exception of surfing in some cases. The weather in Rincon is slightly warmer from May to October, so taking a dip in the crystal clear Caribbean definitely isn’t a bad idea during the summer. Snorkeling in particular is a popular summertime activity in Rincon, especially at the Tres Palmas Marine Reserve – an off-shore protected reef where you may be able to spot stunning marine life like tropical fish, sea turtles, squid and more. In short, Rincon Puerto Rico in the summer is worth checking out!

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