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What To Bring on Your Zipline or Eco-Tour Trip in Puerto Rico

How Should I Pack for Rincon PR Zipline Tour?

We get asked a lot about what you should wear/bring to the ziplining or eco-tour adventures. Here are some pointers for guests who will be ziplining in Rincon or taking a Puerto Rico eco-adventure tour.

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Pack light
You’ll drive your car to a meeting point where the guides will pick you up. After you leave your car, everything you bring will need to be on your back because you’ll be ziplining and hiking with it. So you’ll want a really small, lightweight backpack. Ok, so, now read that again: really SMALL, BACK pack. Don’t bring a beach bag or purse that will be on one shoulder because that will not work for ziplining. If you have multiple people in your group I would just bring one small pack and you can trade on and off amongst the group. You might want to toss a hat or light rainjacket in the pack, but I wouldn’t worry about bringing much more than that. Hit yourself up with the sunscreen and bug spray before you depart on the tour (although you’ll be in the shade most of the time and in our experience the bugs aren’t as bad as you might imagine). You’ll probably be wet when you end the tour, but that’s what the change of clothes in the car is for. 🙂

Bring a small bottle of water along because you’ll be sure to get a little thirsty. No drinks or snacks are included, so if you have a small pack you can throw in a granola bar or something light to snack on, but plan on getting lunch after the trip, rather than during it. No need to bring an Italian sub along. There won’t be any real lunch stops, although you’ll stop at a couple of fresh water springs along the way with crisp, clear drinking water – so you can refill your bottle or just sip from the spring.

Cameras & Phones
You’ll need a neckstrap or big pockets for your camera because you’ll be using both your hands for the zipline. If you have a waterproof case for your camera, I highly recommend bringing it, because, again, you’re going to be hiking in and around the river and depending on water levels you might get pretty wet. It would be a shame to loose all those vacation pics because the camera got dropped in the river! I know that we might have to pry the iPhone out of your hands, but seriously, leave it in the car where it will be safe and sound. Cell reception is bad in the mountains and the odds of dropping it from huge heights or into water are high. Trust me on this.

Leave the GPS at home
I can’t say it enough but please, whatever you do, don’t trust GPS systems while you’re in Puerto Rico! We provide really detailed directions to where you are headed and if you follow the directions you’ll find everything just fine. I understand that the directions may sound funny at times (turn at the big mango tree or the purple house), but trust us, with no “real” addresses, a lack of street signs and overall craziness on the roads, your best bet is just to follow what we give you. The guests that get lost are invariably the ones that try to program their car GPS to head to the location and they end up in the middle of timbuktu. That said, Google Maps tends to be pretty darn good, so if you do get lost, you might be able to navigate around a bit if you have a Google Maps app on your phone. We find that they do a pretty good job even in Western Puerto Rio or the mountains.

All in all, here is what I would say for a zipline tour pack list:

In the car for before and after the trip >
Light lunch
Cash to tip
Bug Spray
Dry clothes

During trip >
One small pack for the group
Camera with strap
Small bottle of water

To wear during trip >
swim suit
lightweight board shorts or shorts/shirt that will dry quickly (you will probably get pretty wet)
visor/hat and/or sunglasses
teva style rafting or water shoes – next best thing is tennis shoes (might get soaked). No flip flops allowed!
lightweight rain jacket
Guides will give you a helmet and harness

There you have it! As always you can call or email us with any questions – most of all, bring a good attitude and have fun!! This is sure to be one of the highlights of your vacation in Puerto Rico.

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    Posted by Marsha Moellering| July 16, 2014 |Reply

    We would love to go on your Rincon zipline tour, but find ourselves strapped for cash. Would you offer a deal of $150 for 2? We will pay cash.

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