Puerto Rico Cultural & Historic Tours

It is the rich history and unique culture of Puerto Rico that sets this island apart from so many others in the Caribbean.  Puerto Rico has a proud combination of Spanish, Caribbean and Taino Indian roots which are represented throughout the island in the food, music and culture.  You’ll find historic elements still present in Rincon and many other Puerto Rican towns.  Experience the finer side of Puerto Rico and learn more about the island’s beginnings with a historic tour of Rincon or Old San Juan. Follow up the tour with an authentic Puerto Rican cooking class where you’ll bring the flavors of Spain and the Caribbean to your table.  Salsa and Bomba y Plena are two traditional dance art forms that are unique to Puerto Rico and can spice up any event or gathering in Rincon.

Little More about Cultural & Gastronomic Tours Near Rincon

Cultural and gastronomic tours in Puerto Rico are becoming more and more popular with guests visiting the island who want to learn more about the rich history of the country. Near Rincon, one of the most popular items for our guests is the Puerto Rican cooking class. This class starts with an introduction to some of the basic Puerto Rican fare such as the preparation of plantains, bananas, rice and beans and traditional appetizers and then moves on to the instruction on a main course of your choice. Puerto Rican food is influenced by the Spanish culture, native Puerto Rican history, local fruits and vegetables and the abundance of sea life. The chef will tailor your cooking class experience to your own specific needs and tastes to create an overall culinary experience. If you prefer to relax, let a private chef in Rincon design your dream meal and serve you and your family in luxury at your villa or home. Our new sightseeing and driving tours take you along the Puerto Rico ‘Gold Coast’ to a number of smaller fishing villages with unique flair and beauty. Near San Juan the ‘mofongo and mojitos’ gastronomic experience gives visitors a little of everything – the history of Old San Juan paired with the flavors of the island. Puerto Rico gastronomic tours and cooking classes are ideal for families and guests of any age and ability level.

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    Posted by Dr. Randee Bloom| July 4, 2012 |

    Our family of 5: 2 adults, 3 kids all in their 20’s and experienced travelers, are looking for a 4-5 day tour of Puerto Rico.
    We wish to travel approx. Wed, Aug 29 thru Mon, Sept 3.
    Do you have a tour to offer?
    Please provide details, thanks
    Dr. Randee Bloom