Rincon PR Beaches & Breaks

rincon pr beachesRincon has one of the most unique locations of any surf and beach town because of the geography of the Rincon ‘point’. The town is located on and around a triangle of land that extends into the Caribbean, right on the dividing line where the Caribbean and Atlantic Oceans meet. Due to this ‘point’, Rincon Puerto Rico can experience great surf and swell at one end of town, while the South end remains calm and great for swimming and families. Surf can rage on one side of the point with certain wind and swell patterns and with others, the waves will wrap around the other side. This gives surfers and beach babes a great variety of terrain, water and waves to choose from. Any time of year there are ‘secret stashes’ of beaches where you’ll find noone else surfing or sunbathing. If you’re in the mood for action and people watching, Rincon PR offers that too, with Sandy Beach and Maria’s sporting a fun and lively crowd year-round.

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(Ordered North to South)
>> Parking Lots (+surf break)
>> Antonios (+surf break)
>> Sandy Beach (+surf break)
>> Pools Beach (+surf break)
>> Spanish Wall
>> Domes (+surf break)
>> Indicators  (+surf break)
Maria’s  (+surf break)
>> Piston’s (+surf break)
>> Dogman’s  (+surf break)
>> Tres Palmas (+surf break)
>> Steps
>> The Marina
>> Little Malibu (surf break)

>> Corcega
>> Barrero

Rincon PR Beach Map

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