Staying in one of the many Rincon vacation rental properties available in the are may be the smart choice for you and your group. Vacation rentals in Rincon include apartments, condominiums, homes and villas. Many travelers find that the added living space, fully-equipped kitchen and ‘just like home’ feel of a villa rental is exactly what they are looking for while on vacation in Rincon.

Rincon PR vacation rentals vary greatly in size, type, budget and amenities so be sure to review the listing carefully before booking or send a direct inquiry to the owner for more information.

Rincon Puerto Rico Villas from Rincon Vacations:

A Little More About Vacation Rentals in Rincon…

Vacation rentals in Rincon PR can be the perfect choice for a family or group of families traveling together who are looking to save money, or who enjoy the conveniences of home while vacationing. Most vacation rentals and villas in Rincon Puerto Rico have fully equipped kitchens which are perfect for preparing meals at home, to both save money and keep the entire group happy and well fed. You can find a great selection of vacation rentals on or near the beach, or just a short walk away. Many villas in Rincon have private pools for the ultimate in privacy and relaxation. Multiple bedrooms, large living area, yards, plenty of parking, AC, TV, cable, and extra rooms such as rec rooms, pool rooms, game rooms and fitness rooms, make each a Rincon vacation rental special from the next. Enjoy tropical gardens, beach views, panoramic ocean views or dense private jungle paradise when you rent a villa in Rincon.


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    Posted by roxanna florez| October 22, 2012 |

    I’m interested in the casa grande estate for august 18th-aug 26 the whole place. How much?, any deals?.

    Thank you,


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    Posted by Craig Fiske| May 6, 2014 |

    Hi there,

    There are 2 families looking for a beachfront vacation rental. We are OK staying in the same home (if it’s a villa), or renting 2 condos in the same complex.

    Arrival date: February 12, 2015, departure February 22, 2015.

    We have 3 teenagers travelling with us that are eager to try surfing. Ideally, we’d be close to a beginner surfing area.

    We are looking for a place that is;

    – beach front
    – close to restaurants
    – close to grocery store
    – is central and therefore don’t need a car

    Transportation to and from the airport is a requirement. Is this something you can offer? Or do we need to arrange ourselves?

    Thanks in advance.

    Craig Fiske (Canada)