Rincon Puerto Rico Shopping & Art Galleries

gift shops rincon prOne of the best aspects of Rincon Puerto Rico is that it has maintained a small town atmosphere which has plenty of authentic art and shopping experiences. Visit any of Rincon’s small, locally owned gift shops or art galleries and find unique wares and souvenirs to remind you of your Puerto Rico vacation long after you’ve left the Island of Enchantment.
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Shops & Art Galleries in Rincon PR

  • >> The Red Door: Boutique, jewelry, home goods, fair trade and recycled items
  • >> Oceano Sea Glass: Custom, hand made sea glass jewelry
  • >> SabaiTao: Flip flops, Sandals & Beachwear
  • >> The Uncharted Studio: Surf Art & Photography, T-shirts, Souvenirs
  • Natty Surf
  • Mango Gift Shop
  • Malibu Surf Shop
  • Lazy Parrot Gift Shop
  • Playero Surf Shop
  • Playa Oeste Gift Shop & Art Gallery
  • Rincon Pottery
  • Tres Puertas Art Gallery & Shop

Rincon Shopping & Art Gallery Map

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A Little More About Galleries and Shopping in Rincon PR…

One of our favorite things about Rincon is that it is still possible to find plenty of locally produced jewelry, art, pottery, paintings and more. It may take you a little more time to seek out the unique gift shops and art galleries that are scattered across Rincon from end to end, but the discovery is part of the fun! Shopping in Rincon near the plaza offers some great surf shops, surf studios and art galleries as well as souvenirs and jewelry perfect to bring home as gifts. Sea glass jewelry is one of the most popular style of gifts that you can find in Rincon and there are many local artisans who offer custom made sea glass from pieces gathered right here on the beach in Rincon PR. Near Puntas and Marias you’ll find more art galleries, t-shirt shops and quaint beach gift shops. Treat yourself to a little gift to remember Rincon long after you’ve gone back to reality!


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    Posted by Heather| January 11, 2013 |

    Rented an apt with a fold-out but kids a tad big for that—where can we rent a cot or hideaway-type bed in the Rincon area?

    • Posted by RinconVacations| January 12, 2013 |

      Hi Heather,
      Sorry we don’t have any cots or hideaways for rent. You might be able to purchase a small travel bed at Kmart in Mayaguez after you arrive. I don’t know of anyone else that has anything similar for rent – hope that helps!