Spanish Wall Beach Rincon PR

Beach: Sandy & Secluded with rock at shoreline | Break: Rarely surfable, super shallow
If you’re looking for a private beach where you can spend an intimate and peaceful day, check out Spanish Wall Beach in Rincon PR. Spanish Wall is named after the remains of the old railroad that used to run along the coast in Rincon. You can still see the remains of the railroad path and the wall that it ran along here. Spanish Wall Beach is a small bit of sand and sea that is perfectly enjoyable any time of year. One of the best things about Spanish Wall Beach is that it is only accessible via a coastal trail from Domes Beach or by walking around the point South of Pools. The best part about this? Spanish Wall Beach rarely draws a crowd, which makes it an ideal location to quietly enjoy the Caribbean sun and sand.

Annie’s Tip: “This is one of my favorite places to get away from it all if I feel like other beaches are too crowded.  I love the walk from Pools to Domes and the views from atop the Spanish wall are amazing.”

Spanish Wall Beach Rincon Puerto Rico

Spanish Wall Beach is located at the very “corner” of Rincon, at the westernmost tip where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Caribbean Sea. Because it isn’t exactly easy to get to, Spanish Wall Beach has maintained it’s “secret” location and offers a secluded stretch of beach for sunbathers and swimmers to enjoy in peace. Another great thing about Spanish Wall Beach is that it’s an ideal place to look for sea glass; the calm current deposits large amounts of naturally eroded sea glass onto the sand, ripe for the picking! The remote Spanish Wall Beach also boasts favorable surfing conditions, which makes it a great place to surf for those willing to make the trek!  If you have a horse, this is a great place to horseback ride and you’ll see other riders along the trail between Domes and Pools.

Photos of Spanish Wall in Rincon

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