Puerto Rico Watersports

It’s all about the beach in Rincon PR and its the waves and water that attract most guests.  Whether you’re getting ready to charge big swell with an experienced surf guide or if a calm day on the paddleboard is more your style, Rincon has watersports activities and rentals for any traveler.  Rincon Puerto Rico watersport activities range from exciting jet ski tours and pristine parasailing to informative sea kayak eco tours. Scuba diving in Aguadilla, Desecheo and La Parguera is just a short boat ride or drive away, while snorkeling at Tres Palmas and at the bioluminescent bay are two of the most popular activities in Western Puerto Rico. Top it off with a sunset cocktail cruise on the deck of a comfortable catamaran and you’ll have a Puerto Rico vacation that can’t be beat. Check out all of Rincon’s great watersports activities below!

Little More About Watersports in Rincon PR…

As you would expect, life seems to revolve around the water when you’re in and around Rincon Puerto Rico. Across the island of Puerto Rico, beach lovers head to the warm Caribbean waters for the best fun on their vacations. Rincon is located on the Northwest corner of Puerto Rico, right where the Caribbean and Atlantic oceans meet. This unique location, coupled with the fact that the geography of Rincon has the town located on the tip of land which juts into the ocean, gives the town of Rincon a unique perspective on the ocean. If you take Rincon from the North down – you’ll start with some well known surfing beaches. There are a couple of beach breaks and some well known reef breaks which get reliable swell from Nov – April. As you move around the ‘corner’ of Rincon, headed South, the seas will start to calm down a bit and you’ll get into great snorkeling and then great swimming beaches. Very few locations in the world or on the island offer such variety of beaches. On the same day in Rincon you can swim in completely calm waters in Almirante and then head North to Domes to catch some surf. This also means that there are great opportunities for watersports. Paddleboarding, sea kayaking, snorkeling, surfing, parasailing, sail boat charters and more all leave out of Rincon. Rincon is also just North of the Southwest corner of Puerto Rico which is known to have amazing fishing waters, great scuba diving and one of the three bioluminescent bays in Puerto Rico. Just North of Rincon is even MORE opportunity for surf in Aguadilla and Isabela, as well as some great shore diving at Crashboat and El Natural and amazing snorkeling and kite surfing at Shacks Beach.


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    Posted by adam| January 24, 2012 |

    Hello, I am staying on the north side I think in a couple of weeks. To be exact I know that we are minutes from TresPalmas. Anyway, I need to buy or rent a couple of short boards. Perferable 6’3 or 6’4. Do you recommend a surf shop that is somewhat close?

    thank you in advance for your help!


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      Posted by RinconVacations| January 25, 2012 |

      Hi Adam – be on the lookout for quotes to the email you included. Call us with any questions at the number above – thanks and see you in Rincon soon!

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    Posted by Vaughn| October 21, 2013 |

    Hello, I am staying in Rincon and want to do some fishing. There will only be 2 of us that will fish. I’m looking for an inexpensive charter.

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    Posted by Kevin Bradley| January 20, 2014 |

    I live in South Florida and can easily come over when waves are forecasted. Can you send me suggestions on how to do this affordably as a single surfer.