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Puerto Rico is a culturally rich gem, boasting a vibrant and diverse heritage that captivates visitors from around the world. From its indigenous Taíno roots to its Spanish, African, and American influences, Puerto Rico’s culture is a beautiful tapestry woven with centuries of history. The island’s unique blend of traditions, music, art, and cuisine creates an enchanting atmosphere that immerses you in its rich cultural tapestry. Explore the colorful streets of Old San Juan with its colonial architecture and cobblestone roads, or venture into the mountains to witness traditional festivals and dances that celebrate Puerto Rican pride. Indulge in the tantalizing flavors of Puerto Rican cuisine, which fuse indigenous, Spanish, and African ingredients to create a culinary paradise. From mouthwatering mofongo to refreshing piña coladas, the island’s food and drink are a delicious reflection of its cultural diversity. Puerto Rico is also renowned for its vibrant music scene, with genres like salsa, reggaeton, and bomba filling the air with infectious rhythms that will have you dancing along. The island’s art and literature further showcase its cultural wealth, with renowned artists and writers leaving their mark on the world stage. Whether you’re exploring the museums, enjoying the festivities, or simply engaging with the warm and welcoming locals, you’ll be immersed in the richness of Puerto Rico’s cultural heritage.


Old San Juan is a must-see attraction if you are coming to Puerto Rico for the first time. Old San Juan historic tours and gastronomic experiences will welcome you to this charming city. The authentic nature of this old city will be sure to impress all travelers. Wander the cobblestone streets amongst the brightly colored buildings and duck in and out of antique shops, souvenir stores and amazing restaurants. The El Morro fort stands sentry over all of Old San Juan a testament to the rich history of Puerto Rico. Enjoy a guided historic or foodie tour of San Juan where your guide will impart interesting jewels of information and guide you to the best sites and stores. Then top it off with a gastronomic experience at one of the top restaurants in the city. If shopping is your thing, let our master shopping guide show you the best spots in the city from Condado to Plaza Las Americas.


food tours san juanThis one-of-a-kind tour will give students a chance to explore Old San Juan, followed by a cooking class and multi-course meal. Start your tour with a guided, historic walking tour of the sights in Old San Juan, where your tour guide will explain the history of the island and the city of San Juan as well as allowing guests time to shop in many of the unique shops in the neighborhood. Then, head to a beautiful hotel restaurant where the class will begin with instruction on how to prepare a traditional Puerto Rican mofongo. Each student will be able to create their own mofongo, using a traditional ‘pilon’ technique, which will then be served as a main course. While the mofongo is cooking, students will enjoy a serving of traditional Puerto Rican appetizers or soup, fresh mint mojitos and a second course of green salad. The mofongo is served, followed by a dessert of flan or tres leches cake and Puerto Rican cafe con leche. This is one of the best foodie tours San Juan has to offer.

  • Tour Time: 9:30am or 4pm
  • Tour Duration: 4.5 hours
  • Tour Cost: $99.00 per person. Request a bid for larger groups or custom menus.

Transportation is not included in tour cost. Please give yourself at least 2.5 hours driving time if coming from Rincon. Shuttles can be arranged for an additional fee. Cooking class includes cost of all food, materials and drinks. 100% non-refundable if cancelled within 7 days. Taxes and fees ARE included. Rates subject to change at any time. All food and beverage costs included.